WhatsApp_Logo_1Social networking has played a huge role in our lives and will continue to do so.
People hardly send SMSes now-a-days as systems like WhatsApp has taken the role, but I personally feel that there is so much inventions (plugins) being included into these systems that a new invention is typically a reinvention of the wheel I should say.

On WhatsApp I sometimes spend most of the time viewing my friend’s profiles and there is not much to see but their profile picture and their status message, which is a good thing as Facebook is already there for viewing a detailed profile of your friends.
Since I’m mostly on the road I can’t read my friend’s status messages while driving. So this is why WhatsApp needs to include Audio Status Messages!

Wouldn’t you like hearing your friend’s status messages, not a machine reading the text for you, but your friend would record his or her own message like a voice note and save it as his or her status message?

WhatsApp Voice Status Message
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